A fine dragonscale belt

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This belt is really a loop of interlocked scales from a blue dragon. Each individual plate is about as wide as two coins, is as hard as steel, and is linked to the next one by a powerful bond of magic. At several places along the belt, metal plates of various kinds loop over the dragonscale. Most of them are glowing brightly.

Type 'links' to see what tools are available. You may use the 'weigh' command.

Armour type: great belt
Stats: +gem cutting, +leather craft, +fresh pants, +repair weapon, +sewing, +cannibalize, +masonary, +sculpture, +skinning, 'weigh' command and summons merchant tools when requiered in free hands, saves on body, can't be dropped.
It looks very light weight (0.220kg kg)
Sacvalue: 0
It is called belt, toolbelt, leather belt, leather toolbelt, great belt, dragonscale belt and dragonscale toolbelt
It takes the following slot: Belt
Made of: dragonscale
Size: small
Quality: sterling
From: Merchant belt quest
Other info: The desc and stats aboth are from a unfinished belt. Also see A fine leather belt.
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