A glimmering leather belt with gem decoration

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a glimmering leather belt with gem decoration
This well-crafted leather belt was once worn by BayPrixces, the mage guildmaster. Its creation was one of his greatest accomplishments during his ongoing search for knowledge. Along its surface are seven differently colored gems that are in the shape of small shields. The shields alternatively light up and emit a low level humming noise. Each of these gems symbolizes one of the elements bound in the mage guild.
Armour type: small belt
Stats: different versions, up to +max spr
It looks Light weight (0.595 kg)
Sacvalue: 903k (maxspr version)
It is called belt and identified as 'glimmering belt', 'leather belt', 'belt of elements', 'a glimmering leather belt with gem decoration' and 'small belt'
It takes the following slot: Belt
Made of: leather
Size: small
Quality: shoddy
From: BayPrixces, Mage guild