A glossy elfin chainmail made of mithril

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a glossy elfin chainmail made of mithril
It's an armour that is a rare sight. It's made of mithril, the mythical material that is beautiful as silver, but durable as steel. The armour is an elfin chain mail made of interlocking metal rings, which provides excellent protection against most melee weapons if not as good against bolts and arrow. The chain mail itself is a very valuable piece of equipment and a pristine example of elven blacksmithing skills.
Armour type: elfin chain mail
Stats: +divine str, +divine con
It looks heavy (5.980 kg)
Sacvalue: 3M
It is called 'elfin chain mail', 'chainmail', 'elven chain mail' and 'chain mail'
It takes the following slots: Torso, legs, arms & hands
Made of: mithril
Size: very large
Quality: perfect
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