A gold plated falchion 'Trasimene'

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a gold plated falchion 'Trasimene'
It's about two feet long one-handed, single-edged blade. The falchion is a little a bit curved. The weapon is very well sharpened and gold plated, making an impression that the weapon hasn't been owned by a mere peasant. The falchion has a crossguard to prevent opponent's blades from sliding down onto the hand of the wielder.
It contains a tale;
The war against Grimoor had already lasted for five months, but Skeren refused the give up. He rallied his cohorts and raised his falchion above his head and gave a speech 'We refuse to give up, we refuse to surrender and we refuse to die. We might be outnumbered, we might deny the facts, but we have a chance to rewrite history, starting from today. We refuse to let the others write our history for us'. The war went on for two more months and Grimoor was forced to give up the war as his supply lines were cut by Skeren's troops.
Weapon type: falchion
Stats: +moderate con, +moderate dam, +death to elves
It looks Heavy (Weight in kgs unknown)
Sacvalue: 2.73M
It is called 'falchion', 'gold plated falchion' and 'trasimene'
Made of 30% gold, 70% starmetal
Size: smallish
Quality: sterling
From: Missing where from gained
Compares between: Unknown and Unknown
Other info: Some liquid on it bubbles fiercely. An aura of blackness surrounds it.