A golden medallion with five onyxes

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a golden medallion with five onyxes <red glow>
It is a golden medallion. There is an inverted pentagram carved on it. There are five onyxes set at the points of the pentagram. The onyxes seem to absorb light. The chain is sturdy and made of gold.
It contains a tale;
This medallion once belonged to the lich Nithem.
Armour type: medallion
Stats: +7 con, +3? physical resistance, +heal special
It looks A bit heavy (3.372 kg)
Sacvalue: 969k
It is called pentagram medallion and identified as 'golden medallion', 'medallion' and 'pentagram medallion'.
It takes the following slot: Amulet
Made of: 15% onyx, 85% gold
Size: extremely small
Quality: exceptional
From: Nithem
Other info: It can be activated for healing by chanting 'usyzja'.