A gorgeous looking prince called Charming

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Many a lady has lost their heart to this man and his sweet loving whispers and small gestrures of affection. He is in prime physical condition, and he has a long, wavy golden hair. His eyes are piercing blue, and he has a small moustache. The men find this man extremely irritating, but the ladies just can't get enough of him.
Prince Charming's equipment:

Both feet: a tight-fitting black boots
Both legs: a pair of stylish blue breeches
Head: a chic blue hat
Upper body: a charming white shirt
Wielded in right hand: a light blue lance with white stripes and a dark blue banner <strongly chilling> <red glow>

Spells: Missing spells
Skills: impale
Area: Faerie forest
Alignment: Missing alignment
Race: Missing race
Exp worth: 140k
Other info: impale will hit backrow 200+ damage