A grand golden breastplate

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This is a grand, intricately ornamented breastplate fit for the highest royalty. It seems rather bulky and awkward to use but is an absolute delight to look upon. The shiny, shimmering gold alloy has been embedded with pearls while marvelous, artistic ivory carvings depicting roses, castles and mythical beasts cover its surface.
Armour type: breastplate
Stats: +4 spr (aka. "2-3"), +2 int, +see magic
It looks Missing weight category (8.2 kg)
Sacvalue: 819520
It is called Missing handles
It takes the following slot: Torso
Made of: 40% gold, 30% ivory, 25% pearl, 5% enchanted air
Size: average-sized
Quality: exceptional
From: Jane, Goddess Garden