A green pair of forest shoes

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This shoes are made for walking, not only on roads but in the dense forests, rocky mountains and deep swamps. They are polished blank but doesn't give off any reflections. They are very comfortable and fits your feet nicely.
It contains a tale;
This boots are given to the player whom succeeds in Sable's orienteering event. Be carefull with them, they're not easy to get and they will give you nice help in your journeys around the realms of BatMUD.
Armour type: shoes
Stats: +20% hiking, +10% camping
It looks Light weight (0.560 kg)
Sacvalue: 562k
It is called forest shoes
It takes the following slots: Foot & Foot
Made of: leather
Size: very small
Quality: flawed
From: Hiking event when won by a ranger.