A heart-shaped sapphire amulet

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a heart-shaped sapphire amulet <red glow>
a heart-shaped sapphire sits at the end of a long thin silver wire. This amulet is a treasured item, signifying that the bearer is an honored and trusted member of the Sentinels of Infizinity.
It contains a tale;
Orbs of Infizinity can be infused into the amulet for safekeeping. If the orb was found by the keeper of the amulet, the heart-shaped sapphire increases in magical power.
Armour type: Amulet
Stats: +1-10str/+1-10 wis, +hpr/+spr, +hp/+sp
It looks light (0.777 kg)
Sacvalue: varies
It is called 'sapphire amulet', 'amulet', 'heart-shaped amulet' and 'heart-shaped sapphire'
It takes the following slot: Amulet
Made of: 80% silver, 20% sapphire
Size: very small
Quality: divine
From: sentinels of infizinity
Other info: Commands:
  • infuse x into amulet - Infuse x orbs into the amulet.
  • extract x from amulet - Extract x orbs from the amulet. The orbs not found by you are extracted first.
  • orbalooza - Orbalooza transforms amulet between caster and warrior. Consumes one orb permanently. First orbalooza is free.

The amulet changes color as you store named orbs: 1 green, 2 yellow, 6 white, 13 cyan, 21 red, 43 blue, 76 purple, 91 bright green, 121 bright yellow, 201 bright white, 301 bright cyan, 401 bright red, 501 bright blue, 801 bright purple

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