A large shield clad with golden dragonskin

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A very large shield clad with shimmering golden dragonskin. The shield is very light though and easy to handle. Examining closer you can see that it's made of titanium. The dragon skin gives excellent protection against most attacks. A silver dragon decorates the front, bearing the witness of who once owned the large shield. But that emblem is long forgotten.
Shield type: Full shield
Stats: +10% Parry, +General protection
It looks Heavy (7.264 kg)
Sacvalue: 947k
It is called a dragonskin clad shield and identified as 'full', 'shield', 'large shield', 'dragonskin shield', 'full shield' and 'dragonskin clad shield'.
Made of: titanium
Size: medium-sized
Quality: superb
From: Inra, Horsehead Mountain