A leather finger guard, reinforced with iron

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a leather finger guard, reinforced with iron
Finger guards have long been used by archers for centuries in order to help maintain their archery skills by protecting their wrist when firing arrows. This finger guard, mostly constructed of leather, has been slightly improved by reinforcing the fingerstalls with iron wire and a small mechanism to grasp the string of the bow, to allow clean firing.
Armour type: finger guard
Stats: +dex, +longbow shot (2/2 with name bonus)
It looks Very light weight (0.010 kg)
Sacvalue: 22k
It is called guard and identified as 'finger guard', 'leather guard', 'leather finger guard', 'iron finger guard' and 'iron reinforced leather finger guard'.
It takes the following slot: Finger
Made of: Missing material
Size: Missing size
Quality: Missing quality
From: Bodor, The riddle of the colours