A leather pants, coated with fresh dirt

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a leather pants, coated with fresh dirt <red glow>
This old pants was once in excellent repair and top condition. However, it has seen hard times lately. It appears worn and unused, with big gobs of mud-like earth clumped all over it.
Armour type: pants
Stats: +2 dex
It looks Light weight (0.835 kg)
Sacvalue: 22.1k
It is called pants and identified as 'pants', 'leather pants' and 'pants coated with fresh dirt'.
It takes the following slots: Leg & Leg
Made of: 20% earth, 80% leather
Size: somewhat small
Quality: poor
From: Missing where from gained
Other info: Unique item, owned by Nuane<analytics uacct="UA-3466433-3" ></analytics>.