A long and intimidating tribal pike

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It's about fifteen-feet long pole weapon made of petrified wood and has a

steel spearhead affixed. The weapon, which has obvious melee weaknesses, has excellent qualities when moving in a phalanx formation. Clearly intended to be a piercing weapon, the pike is great weapon when defending against mounted cavalry.
It contains a tale;
The origin of the tribal pike is unclear. The pike was once rescued from a battlefield during the tribal wars by one of the tribes. After the wars had ended, the tribe wished to know what tribe was the original owner of the magnificent pike. The tribes spread the word and asked around if any of the tribes would recognize the pike as one of their own. Despite thorough enquiries, the owner of the pike was never found. This started wild rumours about the owner and one of the wildest rumours is that Kharim, the Canine God, is the rightful owner of the pike.

Weapon type: Pike
Stats: Missing stats
It looks Missing weight category (6,3 kg)
Sacvalue: 1984700
It is called 'tribal pike', 'long pike', 'pike' and 'long tribal pike'.
Made of 90% petrified wood, 10% steel
Size: Missing size
Quality: Great
From: Kharim Vault
Compares between: Unknown and Unknown
Other info: When wielded, a wall of spears may be invoked with 'phalanx'.

Heft data:
Size 85 (demon), Str 201: You can wield a long and intimidating tribal pike in one hand, but it will be a bit unbalanced.

Size 87 (centaur), str 230: You can wield a long and intimidating tribal pike in one hand with minimal effort.