A long magic wand with a sparkling star

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a long magic wand with a sparkling star
Missing description
It contains a tale;
This wand was found from the treasuries of the fairy queen. Legend has that the fairy queen has used this wand in many occasions to restore the victims of a frogging spell.
Armour type: wand
Stats: +9 int, +1 wis & invoke restore
It looks light weight (0.850 kg)
Sacvalue: 890k
It is called star wand and identified as 'wand', 'star wand', 'magic wand', 'long magic wand' and 'long wand'.
It takes the following slot: Held
Made of: 10% starmetal, 90% enchanted air
Size: very small
Quality: superb
From: Faerie Forest after killing Fairy queen