A low wide-brimmed hat

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A low wide-brimmed hat <red glow>
This is a low hat of soft leather. Its wide brim protects its wearer from the sun. It is really soft and nice and feels very comfortable against the skin.
It contains a tale;
This hat was created by the battlemage Nillirou for his own comfort. He chose the material and shape to fit him perfectly in all weathers, and imbued it with some magical properties.
Armour type: hat
Stats: +5 wis, +5 qc
It looks light weight (1.56 kg)
Sacvalue: Missing sacvalue
It is called 'hat', 'low-brimmed hat', 'low wide-brimmed hat', 'low hat' and 'nillirou hat'
It takes the following slot: Head
Made of: leather
Size: small
Quality: Missing quality
From: Nillirou the elven masterbard
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