A lustrous red ring

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The ring is a bright fiery red, made from flawless ruby. Though, it is still ice cold to the touch. A layer of frost forms over its surface if left alone for more than a few seconds.
It contains a tale;
The Groke didn't always have her powers over cold, no. For years she bound her energies into magic items, each serving a different purpose. One, in particular, to give her the likeness of an arctic storm, freezing all those around her. It would be unmistakable to her foes that she would be the one responsible for their despair. They would whisper her name, hoping to be spared her wrath, and maybe even granted some of her power.
Armour type: ring
Stats: stun special
It looks Very light weight (0.02 kg)
Sacvalue: 43 gold
It is called red ring and identified as 'red ring', 'ring' and 'groke ring'.
It takes the following slot: Finger
Made of: ruby
Size: tiny
Quality: poor
From: The Groke stands here freezing the world
Other info: Disappears after 24 hours.