A magical, silk shirt

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A beautiful fine silk shirt. Magical powers eminate from the threads.
Armour type: muscle shirt
Stats: +max hpr, +2 Str, -5 Wis
It looks Very light weight (0.095 kg)
Sacvalue: 900-951k
It is called shirt and identified as 'muscle shirt' and 'silk shirt'
It takes the following slot: Torso
Made of: silk
Size: somewhat small
Quality: flawed
From: By-tor, Zebell's
Other info: The shirt qualifies as the special for the shipbuilding job raise_4
The following messages seem to vibrate from a magical, silk shirt:
It is called shirt and identified as 'muscle shirt'.
It takes the following slots: torso.
It will slightly reduce your wis.
It will insignificantly improve your str.
It will vastly improve your physical regeneration.
X, Y and Z did the heroic deed to bring this piece of
equipment before you and it has been in the game for 1d, 22h, 9min and 51s. It
is almost weightless, somewhat small, in AWESOME condition, it's BRAND NEW, made
of silk, worth 990040 gold and of flawed quality. 
It has been worn by By-tor for 5min and 52s.