A master channeller, standing tall and proud

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This man is tall, standing six and a half feet tall. His skin is dark, almost black, and his deep blue eyes are somehow very disturbing. His rather skimpy clothing shows his very muscular and very well tanned body, the result of years in the desert, learning from the thrikhren master channellers. His head is bald, quite likely by choice rather than force. There is something very eerie in the way he looks at you, and you have hard time remembering his face if you look away even for a second. He is surrounded by a crackling blue aura.
Master channeller's equipment:

Both feet: an elaborate white sandals

Both legs: a flashy blue breeches

Torso: a sloppy blue muscle shirt

Spells: drain enemy, channelball, channelburn, channelspray, channelray, channelbolt
Skills: Missing skills
Area: Faerie forest
Alignment: Missing alignment
Race: Missing race
Exp worth: 149261