A middle-aged nurse stands here waiting for you

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As you look closer you see that she has clean white uniform, maybe this place is not so messy at all.
Just 'say help me' if you need instructions.
Spells: disintegrate
Skills: Missing skills
Area: City hospital in Arelium
Alignment: Missing alignment
Race: monster
Exp worth: Missing exp worth
Other info: Nurse says: You can donate blood here. You can donate blood only between certain intervals, so you cannot donate blood every day, but you have to keep at least one week between donations. ('say time estimate' if you want an estimate of how long it takes until you can donate again). The commands are: 'say donate blood' in which case you donate half of your blood (hitpoints), or you can 'say donate <amount>' in which case you donate <amount> of your blood (hitpoints). You may buy blood if you need it. 'say buy <amount>' to buy blood. 'say available blood' to see how much blood is currently available.