A pair of black boots

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a pair of black boots
The black boots are beautifully crafted from black rubber. They are quite worn and a peculiar smell is eminating from them, the scent of sweat and rubber. The silhouette of a rose is very professionally carved into both sides of the boots.
Armour type: Boots
Stats: Two versions:
  • +6 Wis, -5 Dex & +2 Int
  • +6 Int, -5 Dex & +2 Wis
It looks light weight (1.035 kg)
Sacvalue: 201k (int version), 189k (wis version)
It is called black boots and identified as 'boots' and 'rubber boots'
It takes the following slots: Foot & Foot
Made of: Rubber
Size: somewhat small
Quality: standard
From: Patrick Amberley, Brimshire