A pair of boots made of fog

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It's a pair of boots, made of dense, opaque fog. The fog is only about three centimeters thick. Handling these boots is really odd experience since they have no substance, but they are somehow psychoactive - if you concentrate enough, you can wear them like normal boots, and once on, they stay on without further concentration.
It contains a tale;
These boots were originally invented and developed by Nithem the Lich. The purpose of the boots is to slow time, thus allowing the wearer to act more rapidly compared to others. How or when the boots are activated, only Nithem knows.
Armour type: Missing type
Stats: +7 Wis, +4% dodge, -4 asphyx res, +fast meta if in front row
It looks Very light weight (0.010 kg)
Sacvalue: Missing sacvalue
It is called Missing handles
It takes the following slot: foot&foot
Made of: air
Size: Missing size
Quality: good
From: Nithem, Lich Dungeon
Other info: The world around you slows down for a few seconds, giving you time to act more rapidly.