A pair of carnelian gauntlets

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A pair of carnelian gauntlets <red glow>
It is a pair of carnelian gauntlets. Carnelian is a blood red gemstone. The joints are made of leather. The gauntlets lack the fine craftmanship of a true mastersmith, but their magical properties compensate for that. They glow faintly but noticeably, but not strongly enough to provide proper light.
It contains a tale;
These gauntlets were crafted by the wicked witch of the village of Stouby, as a reward for helping her escape the inquisition. You can 'clap hands' while wearing these gauntlets to see if they have some magic left in them. The gauntlets were bound by the witch so that only her helpers can wear them.
Armour type: gauntlets
Stats: +4 str, +6% attack or clap hands to swap to +4 int & +6% cast generic. Grants Infravision in either mode.
It looks Light weight (0.660 kg)
Sacvalue: 155k
It is called carnelian gauntlets and identified as 'gauntlets', 'pair of gauntlets', 'pair of carnelian gauntlets' and 'carnelian gauntlets'
It takes the following slots: Hand & Hand
Made of: 90% carnelian & 10% leather
Size: very small
Quality: flawed
From: Wicked witch