A pair of cold black leggings

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These leggings are finely crafted pieces of armour. They are made out of a strange metal. This metal is as black as night and as cold as an arctic wind. The coldness does not seem to do any harm or good, it just seems to be part of the armour. The leggings have strange runes etched into them as well as many different pictures which demand a closer inspection.
Armour type: leggings
Stats: +10 str, +general protection
It looks Light weight (1.816 kg)
Sacvalue: 672k
It is called cold black leggings and identified as 'leggings', 'cold black leggings', 'cold leggings' and 'black leggings'.
It takes the following slots: Leg & Leg
Made of: lead
Size: somewhat small
Quality: poor
From: Akira, The realm of Kara-Tur