A pair of dwarven bracelets made of electrum

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This pair of dwarven bracelets has been crafted by a blacksmith in the northern parts of Dun Banor where lies the dwarven town of Dortlewall. This is obvious when one takes a look at the high quality and the moulding of the bracelets. For those who are less adept in the fine art of metallurgy, there's a carving on the inner side of the bracelets which reveals its origin.
It contains a tale;
These bracelets were given to (name) by Urok Bronzebrim, the Duke of Dortlewall as a reward for the service done to the citizens of Dortlewall.
Armour type: bracelets
Stats: tunable between: 3con 2dam / 3spr / 3dex 2avoid
It looks 1.000kg (1.000 kg)
Sacvalue: 0
It is called bracelets, dwarven bracelets and electrum bracelets
It takes the following slots: Bracelet & Bracelet
Made of: electrum
Size: extremely small
Quality: sterling
From: After completing dortlewall story
Other info: Syntax: trace <bear/owl/fox>
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