A pair of fishbone bracelets

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a pair of fishbone bracelets
It is a pair of fishbone bracelets. They are made of large and sharp fish bones, obviously. The small bones are attached somehow (possibly by resin) to each other, creating spiky bracelets - you can easily draw your finger on the outer edge clockwise, but counter-clockwise all the bones stick out on the way. The inner side is worn smooth, making these bracelets easy to wear.
It contains a tale;
Long, long time ago, Moonrind the Ent used to fish in a nearby lake. Now, he is too slow to catch anything, let alone too decrepit to move there any more. These bracelets are made from the bones of the fish he caught, which isn't many - the lake is small, and ents are really bad fishermen.
Armour type: bracelets
Stats: +6 wis, +moderate (5?) fishing, +2 leadership
It looks very light weight (0.11 kg)
Sacvalue: 290k
It is called 'bracelets', 'fishbone bracelets', 'fish bone bracelets', 'bone bracelets', 'pair of bracelets' and 'pair of fishbone bracelets'
It takes the following slots: Bracelet & Bracelet
Made of: bone
Size: extremely small
Quality: flawed