A pair of gauntlets enveloped by fire

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a pair of gauntlets enveloped by fire <red glow>
This pair of gauntlets are made of dragonscale from a green fire dragon. Which is lucky, since it would be impossible to wear them otherwise. Since they are constantly enveloped in red hot flames. A white shinning pentagram is ornamted in the palm of each gauntlet.
Armour type: gauntlets
Stats: +mod (3?) hpr, -4 dex
It looks Very light weight (0.265 kg)
Sacvalue: 215k
It is called gauntlets of fire and identified as 'gauntlets' and 'fire gauntlets'.
It takes the following slots: Hand & Hand
Made of: dragonscale
Size: very small
Quality: good
From: Droevigger