A pair of lambskin leggings

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A pair of lambskin leggings <red glow>
This pair of leg protectors has been made out of lamb skin. Charms and shamanic items hang from them, with tiny bells causing odd tingles in the air. An uncanny aura of power surrounds the leggings. Upon them is inscribed the name 'svhasniluun'.
Armour type: leggings
Stats: Random two stats, +9/+5 or +7/+7 where the stat choices are at least the following: Str, Dex, Con, Avoid, Physical resistance and Stunned maneuvers.
It looks Light weight (1.5 kg)
  • 3.19m (+9 physical resistance, +5 dex)
  • 681k (+7 str, +7% stunned maneuvers),
It is called lambskin leggings and identified as 'leggings' and 'svhasniluun'.
It takes the following slots: Leg & Leg
Made of: leather
Size: somewhat small
Quality: superb
From: Lord Wainamoinen, Wainamoinen's Land