A pair of shoes made of Gorm's dragonskin

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a pair of shoes made of Gorm's dragonskin <red glow>
You now posses the shoes of that the tale of the Shadowking told you about. He bet his life and lost, and the shoes were once more lost. But you have now again found them. They are untouched by age. The thin skin from the Gorm the dragon's throat seems to be tanned very recently, but you know that it isn't recently.
Armour type: Shoes
Stats: Different versions; +4-6 Str/Dex/Con
It looks Light weight (0.4 kg)
Sacvalue: 98k (4dex version)
It is called Shadow shoes and identified as 'shoes', 'shadow shoes', 'dragon shoes', 'lost shoes' and 'boots'
It takes the following slots: Foot & Foot
Made of: dragonscale
Size: very small
Quality: standard
From: Missing where from gained