A pair of splendent rust-brown bracelets

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A pair of splendent rust-brown bracelets <red glow>
This pair of batium bracelets is embossed with bold but intricate designs. Being fashioned as thick, sturdy bands of batium, they provide a rudiment of protection for the wearer's wrists Batium, being an uncommon material for. armoury, has been taken into good use with these. There are no flaws whatsoever that would favour another material when dealing with bracelets. Strong magics radiate from the bracelets.
Armour type: bracelets
Stats: Good wear only, +int & +x% might of the saints
It looks light weight (1.65 kg)
Sacvalue: ~567k
It is called batium bracelets and identified as 'bracelets'
It takes the following slots: Bracelet & Bracelet
Made of: batium
Size: Missing size
Quality: great
From: An angel of the spiritual caste
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