A scroll of item marking

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You see a small parchment with mystic words on it:

'S{hk|paimeneen ei kannata kusta'.

You can mark items by using the command 'mark <item> with <scroll>'

If the item is already marked, the scroll will remove the marking.

Stats: "This is the scroll of item marking, it is used to mark things that belong to you with your name. The marking can be removed by using the marking scroll again. This is ideal for those who are afraid of thieves, but does not guarantee total protection."
It looks Very light weight (Weight in kgs unknown)
Sacvalue: ~150
It is called: scroll of item marking and identified as 'scroll'
Made of: paper
Size: extremely small
Quality: Missing quality
From: Zeltjin, Nocilis Valley
Other info: Gives item a special label with your name, without the 'labeled as' part, for example an iron knife <|nuane|>. This mark is only removable with another scroll. Certain items cannot be marked due to their non-standard desc, more info at news display updates 199