A serated bladed short sword

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A serated bladed short sword <red glow>
Behold 'Fleshcarver'. This massive two-handed weapon must weigh a ton. Only the strongest of warriors could even lift it let alone wield it effectively in combat. The blade is dull gray with a fierce serrated edge. Bolts of electricity dance across it, causing a chaotic rhythm in the reflective light it gives off. The grip is made from the most radiant green cloth and a giant emerald is attached at the pommel.
It contains a tale;
Picklesniffer the famed warrior gnome took the blade Fleshcarver to defeat the mind that had taken control of his fellow gnomish inventors. While the best weapon inventor, Lopflinger the Stout, created the blade itself, it apparently was no match for the fearsome beast and was lost in the battle. Legends have told that Lopflinger embued the blade with some powerful electrical dombledinger, whatever that means.
Weapon type: short sword
Stats: +dex & electrical damage
It looks heavy (4.2 kg)
Sacvalue: ~70k
It is called Fleshcarver and identified as 'fleshcarver', 'sword', 'short sword', 'blade' and 'short'
It takes the following slot: Missing type/slot
Made of: laen
Size: somewhat small
Quality: poor
From: Gnome Airship