A set of vampire teeth

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a set of vampire teeth
The vampire teeth feel firm in your mouth. You also have an odd desire to go bite some ladies' necks. Just thinking of blood makes you drool a bit.
It contains a tale;
These are the teeth of Wiespe the lecherous vampire. He is known to terrorize nuns, something most vampires avoid, for their own good. When worn, the wearer can feel part of the vampiric hunger, and can use the command 'vbite'.
Armour type: mask
Stats: +bite attack & +vampire bite special
It looks Very light weight (0.370 kg)
Sacvalue: 1.3m
It is called 'teeth', 'vampire teeth' and 'mask'
It takes the following slot: Head
Made of: bone
Size: extremely small
Quality: Missing quality
From: Wiespe, Faerie Forest
Other info: Short description becomes 'a wide grin with sharp teeth' when worn.