A sharp and magnificent broadsword

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It is a fine looking broadsword. Especially when you examine the blade, you see its superiority to ordinary broadswords. Strings of exquisite leather are twirled around its hilt. Its worn pommel is made of some dull metal and you notice some windling markings in it but they don't make any sense to you.
It contains a tale;
In the Land of the frozen sun - I, Jordlius the mastersmith of Velkosipulia, crafted this weapon.
Weapon type: short blades
Stats: +2-3 Psionic resist
It looks very light (4.1 kg)
Sacvalue: 1653k
It is called 'sharp broadsword', 'magnificent broadsword', 'sharp and magnificent broadsword', 'sword' and 'broadsword'
Made of steel
Size: somewhat small
Quality: sterling
From: A great black mass with large quivering tentacles
Compares between: Unknown and Unknown