A shining flanged battle mace

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A shining flanged battle mace <burning> <red glow>
The weapon is made specifically for use in combat, rather than for hunting. It consists of a crude metal head and a three feet long steel shaft. The spiral patterned head is just slightly thicker than the shaft and it has six flanges, protruding edges of metal, which allow greater penetration against armours. Dents on the shaft point out that it has seen considerable use.
Weapon type: battle mace
Stats: +fire damage
It looks heavy (8.62 kg)
Sacvalue: 694k - 850k
It is called mace and identified as 'battle', 'mace', 'flanged mace', 'battle mace' and 'a shining flanged battle mace'.
It takes the following slot: Missing type/slot
Made of: 10% mithril, 90% highsteel
Size: smallish
Quality: exceptional
From: a floating bulk of darkness, black marble altar