A short black glass horn

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a short black glass horn
It is a foot long horn, like that of a miniature black unicorn. It is made of something glasslike, but it is black in colour. When you first touched this, it gave you a small static shock, but now that you are holding it, it only feels cold.
Weapon type: horn
Stats: 4 int
It looks A bit heavy (2 kg)
Sacvalue: 32670
It is called 'black glass horn', 'horn', 'short horn', 'black horn', 'short black glass horn', 'glass horn', 'short glass horn', 'wandhorn'
Made of 50% obsidian, 50% glass
Size: somewhat small
Quality: flawed
From: a gnomish inventor with glazed eyes, Faerie forest
Compares between: Unknown and Unknown