A short cloak of feathers

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a short cloak of feathers
It is a cloak of feathers, with some bark pieces giving it a bit more strength and keeping the feathers together, along with the silk thread. One specially carved piece of bark works as the clasp. The carvings look very much magical, and certain aura of power surrounds the cloak as whole.
It contains a tale;
This marvellous piece of equipment was crafted by the ducks of Quackdom of Feathersea. Each year the wisest of the ducks pluck some feathers off of themselves, until decades later there are enough feathers to craft one of these cloaks. The bark required for the process if gifted by nearby ent conclave. This cloak combines the wisdom of both races, ducks and ents.
Armour type: minor cloak
Stats: +10 Fishing, +8 Wis
It looks light weight (Weight in kgs unknown)
Sacvalue: 834k
It is called 'cloak', 'short cloak', 'cloak of feathers', 'short cloak of feathers', 'feathers cloak' and 'minor cloak'
It takes the following slot: Cloak
Made of: 10% silk, 50% bark, 40% feathers
Size: smallish
Quality: superb
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