A sizable enchanted elm branch

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a sizable enchanted elm branch (glowing) <red glow>
The branch is crafted from an ancient chunk of enchanted elm wood. It seems to have magical qualities as it changes in shape and size as it touches your hand. There are several knots and leaved twigs along the length of the branch which would cause a great amount of pain when struck against an enemy's skull. You feel as if you've smashed about <number of total critical hits> skulls with this weapon. Smashing another <critical hits till the next upgrade> would be cause for celebration!
Weapon type: a bludgeon (varies)
Stats: +2 str, +3 dex, 'The weapon grows magically to fit the wielder's grip.'
It looks A bit heavy (3.300 kg)
Sacvalue: 1090000
It is called a sizeable enchanted branch and identified as 'branch' and '<weapon type>'.
Made of 20% petrified wood, 80% elm
Size: varies
Quality: sterling
From: Severus castle
Compares between: Unknown and Unknown
Other info: It has a personal reputation system to every character based on critical hits scored by the weapon. Effects yet unknown.