A sizzling darksteel shield

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a sizzling darksteel shield
This shield has been crafted out of darksteel and infused with the magical power from a special smith's hammer, blessed by the All-father. Inscribed upon the shield are a series of magical runes and symbols. It truly resembles one's ability to craft a fine piece of armour, with not only great skill, but a hint of magic.
Shield type: Medium shield
Stats: +divine magical,fire,cold,poison,electrical,asphyxiation,acid resistance
It looks heavy (4.370 kg)
Sacvalue: 0
It is called 'darksteel shield', 'magic shield','sizzling shield', 'medium' and 'shield
It takes the following slot: Missing type/slot
Made of: darksteel
Size: somewhat small
Quality: exceptional
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