A small brass spade

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a small brass spade <red glow>
This fine little spade is made of some hard wood shaft and a sharp brass blade. The construction of the blade is strong and rather unconventional as if the creator of this spade would meant it to be used for splitting stones instead of digging ground. There is also a little box made of riveted metal plates on the shaft of the spade with a strange-looking mechanical counter on it. There is a number '1' on the counter. This must be some kind of a gnomish contraption.
It contains a tale;
This spade was built by a long forgotten, lunatic gnomish mining engineer who had become deeply interested in chaotic magic in his old days. He forged a powerful spade to assist him in mining precious metals from the depths of the soil. Unfortunately his greed for precious metals was no match for the thirst for blood of his spade. He soon died exhausted, discontented... yeah... and forgotten, too. His spade kept on feeding on the dead, though.
Weapon type: shovel
Stats: Missing stats
It looks A bit heavy (3.608 kg)
Sacvalue: changes
It is called spade and identified as 'shovel', 'spade', 'small spade', 'chaos spade', 'brass spade', 'chaos shovel', 'brass shovel', 'small shovel', 'small brass spade' and 'small brass shovel'
Made of 50% oak, 50% brass
Size: somewhat small
Quality: poor
From: Old copper mine
Compares between: Unknown and Unknown
Other info: The counter on the desc increases with each corpse buried. There are also other effects ...