A small glass globe with miniature forest inside

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a small glass globe with miniature forest inside
It is a small glass globe filled with water and a miniature forest. The globe has a metal base to keep it upright, made of some hard and shiny silvery metal. You can only gasp in awe of the workmanship of this globe. The forest in the globe is in autumn colours: red, yellow and orange. All the tiny leaves are on the trees, and the globe is static. You probably could shake the globe to get some action.
Stats: It can be shaken to create an illusionary forest, works indoors so makes you able to create fire or camp like in outdoors.
It looks Light weight (0.735 kg)
Sacvalue: 12843
It is called: forest globe and identified as 'globe', 'glass globe', 'small globe' and 'small glass globe'
Made of: 10% wood, 60% water, 15% glass, 10% starmetal, 5% vegetation
Size: very small
Quality: exceptional
From: Aniengo, Faerie forest
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