A small remote control 'chest-o-matic'

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This tiny device has been enclosed into a small ivory casing. It looks like an ordinary remote controller, with a tiny antenna on top. There is only two small buttons named 'open' and 'close'. This tiny device has power over all chests. Owner of a room can instantly open/close all the chests in the room, even the locked ones.
ropen [<chest>]  : Opens all chests or particular chest.
rclose [<chest>]  : Close all chests or particular chest.
Stats: An autoloading chest opening toy as described in the longdesc. Also, won't do item damage to the chests, ie. they're indestructible.
It looks Very light weight (0.015 kg)
Sacvalue: 0
It is called: chest-o-matic and identified as 'remote controller', 'chest-o-matic', 'small remote control', 'remote control', 'remote', 'controller' and 'control'.
Made of: ivory
Size: tiny
Quality: poor
From: Zin
Other info: Unique item, sold by Zin to Nuane for 6.8m in cash.