A strip of fungus

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a strip of fungus <red glow>
This is a long piece of dried fungus, tough but still flexible. It has a starmetal buckle, making it into a belt. It smells faintly of fresh earth, and has a rough texture.
It contains a tale;
This is the belt worn by the king of the battlefungi that took part of the Invasion of 2007. It is one of a kind.
Armour type: great belt
Stats: +10 Wis & +10% Mastery of runic sigla
It looks Light weight (0.1 kg)
Sacvalue: 1310k
It is called belt of the fungus king and identified as 'belt', 'fungus belt', 'strip of fungus', 'fungus strip', 'fungus king's belt', 'strip' and 'great belt'
It takes the following slot: Belt
Made of: 10% Starmetal & 90% Vegetation
Size: Missing size
Quality: Missing quality
From: Colossal fungus at Invasion'07 event
Other info: It belongs to the 'invasion_caster' item collection.