A tight blue collar

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The blue collar is woven from some durable material, enhanced with some

mechanical looking metal plates. The plates look as they would tightly press the throat of the one, wearing the collar. As you touch the collar it automatically starts to move a bit, as if it would recognize the touch of a living.
It contains a tale;
Tales tell of an alchemist blacksmith, who was very talented in his sport, he created all kinds of gadgets for different purposes. One novice sorcerer once came to see him, the sorcerer asked for something that would make him better in his trade. The only thing the novice lacked, was speed in his spellcasting, and that is impossible for some ungifted to practice, so he practically had about no other means of ever graduating into a true mage, than asking for outside help. The alchemist took the task as a challenge, he, himself, had some minor knowledge of magics, and thus knew what the novice was talking about. Days and nights passed, as the alchemist thought of things to solve this problem with, and finally he came up with an idea, to create an item, that would enhance the speed of ones vocal chords. Not long after that, the ex-novice became a true mage, a mage that the legends tell to be the quickest spellcaster ever seen.

Armour type: collar
Stats: Gives quick lips.
It looks light weight (0.79 kg)
Sacvalue: 190
It is called 'collar', 'blue collar', 'tight blue collar' and 'a tight blue collar'
It takes the following slot: Neck
Made of: 60% silver, 40% silk
Size: very small
Quality: poor
From: Tiamat, Nocilis Valley
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