A wheel of many eyes, blazing with flames of purity

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It hurts to look at the Divine Being! The celestial being glows with light so bright, that it causes physical pain to look directly at it. The being has taken the shape of a floating wheel, an orb, if you may, and its exterior is covered with many eyes. Six wings portrude symmetrically out of its exterior. It is an Ophan; its place lies at the highest choirs in Heaven, and its duty is to dispense the Divine judgement of Las. It is tied to no material attribute, and is untainted by mundane magics. Its divine humility grants it immunity to all forms of corruption, and allows it to deal Justice with perfect objectivity, with no fear or ambition tied to its actions. It is surrounded by light so bright, it is impossible to estimate its shape.
Spells: cure critical wounds
Skills: Missing skills
Area: Missing area
Alignment: Missing alignment
Race: Missing race
Exp worth: 448k - 769k
Other info: One of Sister Valentina's celestial helpers.