A young, fresh out of school medic stands here

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As you look closer you realize that she really is young. Maybe you should reconsider what you are doing. This probably is her first job after graduating. Just 'say help me' if you need instructions.
Spells: disintegrate
Skills: Missing skills
Area: City hospital in Arelium
Alignment: Missing alignment
Race: monster
Exp worth: Missing exp worth
Other info: Medic says: You can get healing here. The commands are heal and cureand you must say who I shall heal. Like in: say heal Well (or something like that). Heal and cure give you 10% of your maximum hitpoints back. Heal costs maxhp*2 in gold and cure costs maxhp*4. Heal gives 2hp/sec while cure gives 4hp/sec. You must be in this room while it heals you.