Acerack, The Axe of Light

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This axe is the epitomy of battleaxes! The handle is made out of a very lightweight, but strong metal. The double blades of the axe are HUGE. Each blade is about three feet long. They are shaped like a half moon but each blade also has a six inch serrated knife like blade coming out the top of it. The blades are hollowed out, giving the axe a light weight. The axe emits a faint glow, lighting the surrounding area.
Weapon type: battleaxe
Stats: good wield only, +1 str & sheds light
It looks Heavy (8.0 kg)
Sacvalue: 9k
It is called Acerack and identified as 'axe of light', 'axe', 'acerack' and 'battleaxe'
Made of highsteel
Size: Missing size
Quality: poor
From: Emul, Lands of Lor
Compares between: Unknown and Unknown