Adamantium large shield of Dragon Rebel

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The shield is quadrangle and has a picture of a blue dragon on it. From every corner sticks out very sharp ruby spike and the edge is reinforced with highsteel triangles. The picture of the dragon has small diamonds as it's eyes.

Unique dragon with unique thoughts
Thoughts dragon must not have
Fight the supremacy, support the weak
Heart of lion, the Dragon Rebel.

Shield type: Large shield
Stats: +10% combat sense, +2 con
It looks Light weight (2.000 kg)
Sacvalue: 691k
It is called 'large', 'shield', 'an adamantium large shield' and 'adamantium shield'
Made of: 83% adamantium, 12% highsteel, 5% diamond
Size: smallish
Quality: Missing quality
From: Kitiara, Flying Citadel
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