An abstract painting

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an abstract painting
This medium-sized painting has a variety of colours and shapes intermingled. As your eyes focus on it, you see various items -- a leaf, a mountain, an apple -- but it is hard to see any one shape for too long. This fine piece of art is not signed. You feel tempted to 'admire' it.
Stats: +special
It looks Heavy (4.224 kg)
Sacvalue: 250k-267k
It is called: painting and identified as 'art' and 'abstract painting'
Made of: 50% oak, 50% paper
Size: huge
Quality: perfect
From: Trilloch's vault
Other info: Can be hanged in castleroom where it should save. It can also be unhanged. Admiring painting presumably gives +luck.

While on the wall, the description is: An abstract painting hangs on the wall

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