An ancient battleaxe, seen hundred a battle

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An ancient battleaxe, seen hundred a battle <red glow>
This ancient axe is the most precious heirloom of the ruling family of Buckthorn Valley. It looks quite much like any other battleaxe, but nonetheless its craftsmanship is great, and it has seen many battles without rarely failing its master. Though you cannot see any markings, cravings or runes in this old weapon, something makes your hands tingle and the hair in the back of your neck to stand up.
It contains a tale;
The axe is also known as the Axe of Forefathers, since according to legends it was once carried by the very first High King of the people that nowadays has diminished to small numbers, but once governed three Kingdoms. Most of that people are known as the Buckthorn People nowadays - although some of them live on the surrounding regions. Furthermore, the legends tell that the first High King, Rhym the Conqueror, was killed by a lightning bolt that struck to this weapon - right after he had won a bloody battle against an enemy that resembled giant leeches. The King's eldest son, Rokhe Au'Tharos, first thought that the weapon was cursed, but soon he noticed that it had gained new powers, and with them he finally drove the leech-people away before being slain somewhere in the leech nightmare-world. After that, the weapon was recovered by his son Roark and it has since passed from father to son in the ruling family.
Weapon type: battleaxe
Stats: "A faint hum comes from it."
It looks heavy (8.689 kg)
Sacvalue: 222k
It is called Axe of Three Kingdoms and identified as 'axe', 'ancient battleaxe', 'axe of three kingdoms', 'an ancient battleaxe' and 'battleaxe'
It takes the following slot: Missing type/slot
Made of: steel
Size: smallish
Quality: exceptional
From: Eirik Buckthorn, the chieftain of the region