An ancient staff of the necromancer

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This staff is about 5 ft long(~152 cm). The shaft is made of ancient oak wood On the end of the shaft is a old human skull; in the eye sockets of the are two diamonds that refract light about the room. On the wooden shaft you see that strange runes are carved up and down its length.
Only two runes are legible: arkemile and visceral.
It contains a tale;
The staff of the necromancers (aka Necromatic Staff) was originally created by Kech Lektar, a diabolical necromancer who slayed his mentor. The staff is rumoured to have the power to suck life force from a corpse if the user chants one of the runes inscribed upon the staff's shank.
Armour type: Staff
Stats: +max spr, -1 dex, -1 hpr, +special
It looks A bit heavy (2.100 kg)
Sacvalue: 915-972k
It is called Necromatic Staff and identified as 'staff', 'necromatic staff' and 'necro staff'
It takes the following slot: Held
Made of: wood
Size: smallish
Quality: poor
From: Kech Lektar, Ancient Tower